Downtown L.A. Art Walk Continues at Groundwork Coffee

by groundwork coffee
on August 20, 2014

Josh Raymond is originally from Boston, MA and over the last 3 years has been transitioning into digital photography having learned using film. A professional in television with experience in directing and previous photography has helped to shape his current body of photographic work. While not being a professional photographer by trade he hopes to make a transition into that as a possibility in the future. This is his first exhibition of work for the public.


Downtown L.A. Location July and August 2014.

Jacob Dudley is a rising American painter living in Los Angeles, CA.  His work ranges from  landscape(observed and invented) to abstract color explorations.  His themes are inspired by local geology, alien landscapes and hidden knowledge.  He received his MFA from Indiana University in 2010 and was awarded a residency at the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency that same year.  Dudley has shown recently at the Spring Arts Collective in downtown Los Angeles and at the JTAG Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA.


Downtown L.A. Location July and August 2014.





Trevor Wayne at Groundword Coffee

by groundwork coffee
on August 13, 2014

Trevor Wayne attended the Academy of Art in Chicago. His brightly colored pop art portraits of "celebrity mash-up" artwork has been published in numerous magazines, and art shows. Trevor has been included in many charity art shows, and continues to contribute to good causes in any way his art will allow. Trevor's interest in art, and fellow artists, has also made him an artists muse with an amazing extensive collection of "Trevor" themed art!

Trevor's art has extended into acting and modeling. As a model, Trevor has been published in a dozen photographers books, and has graced magazine covers, as well as billboards in Times Square. He has also been photographed by legends Greg Gorman, and Mario Testino, and has collaborated on a series of photos with horror legend Clive Barker. Trevor's recent modeling venture is a set of postcards called "Pin-Up Show". It is an artistic photo set from various well known photographers that has a glowing review from pin-up goddess Dita Von Teese.

Special Guest Deven Green (from the "Welcome to my.." parodies and "Betty Bowers: America'ss Best Christian) will be there performing with her electric ukulele.

Downtown LA Art Walk Returns to Groundwork Coffee

by groundwork coffee
on April 09, 2014

Groundwork's Latest Edition of the Downtown LA Art Walk at 2nd and Main!
Featuring the works of John Christensen and Melanie Diesz. 
Art Opening Thursday, April 10th, 6pm -9 pm
This Show runs until June12th.

Downtown LA Art Walk John Christensen


John Christensen is a self-taught artist who lives in Venice CA.  He grew-up in the neighboring city of Santa Monica and often paints local scenarios or just the stranger, funnier, or more meaningful everyday doings of man and animal.  He is particularly interested in the world’s penumbras and in-betweens and in the places where differences (…or “differences”) of all kinds meet.  Faith, humor, wonder, and the fun of discovery motivate his work.

To see or purchase original paintings or order prints, email or call (310) 999-8052.

Downtown LA ArtWalk New Artists Featured

by groundwork coffee
on January 06, 2014

Groundwork's Latest Edition of the Downtown LA ArtWalk at 2nd and Main!

January 9th from 6-9pm

Groundwork Coffee Company and Pitfire
New Gallery Show Artists:
Jeffrey V. Parise
Ashley Bowers
Chris Marquard
Live Performance Painting at Pitfire by:
Ragiv Jain

At Groundwork, please enjoy delicious eats made-in house by Chef Adam.

At Pitfire, indulge in 1/2 price house red wine by the glass: Boom Boom Syrah & Tempranillo (from 6-9pm).

Rajiv Jain has made Los Angeles his base for artistic operations for the past 13 years. He is best known as a leading performing and set designer with the Lucent Dossier performing arts troupe.

Join and Share our Facebook event.

Downtown L.A. Art Walk

by groundwork coffee
on November 12, 2013

Groundwork Coffee Co. is proud to be a part of this year's Downtown L.A. Art Walk.

Here's a link to our Facebook Event.

This recurring event dovetails nicely with our Indie Garage Art Series and to start, we will be hosting 3 hot artists starting November 14.

Come join us between 6-9 pm at our Downtown Store for a little reception at 108 West 2nd.

Now, a little about these great artists....

Painter Janay Everett
Mixed Media Artist Boris Zalder
Photographer Robert Yager

Janay Everett grew up in western Philadelphia where she was surrounded by the city's personality and the many people, artists and histories that led her to start her own art class on her front porch at the age of five. For high school Janay was relocated by her mother from Philadelphia to the southern city of Atlanta. Though Atlanta proved to be a homecoming in later years at this time it was uncomfortable and moved' "much slower."

Though starting with an illustration emphasis at Atlanta College of Art, Janay soon discovered painting. In painting, she used her skills and knowledge of drawing and illustration to create a personal style. This style sets her apart and continues to mature with her. Her subjects are often strong females or musicians and she tends to focus on facial expressions and form of body. Her intricate color combinations help to bridge the subject matter and the medium to create luscious visions and stories.

Janay has been caught in a visual world and her exploration has led her to Los Angeles, California.

Boris Zalder was born in Bavaria and his passion for art started at an early age. A self-taught artist, Boris has been drawn towards mixed media as a primary source of inspiration. Boris states:

I find myself in a constant effort to raise the bar in making use of day-to-day objects and mediums such as newspaper, fabric, nails, screws, leaves and branches. My goal is to overcome and expand the medium while, simultaneously, forming it to meet my needs.

Music plays a vital part in my artistic process. A solemn Miles Davis ballad or the percussions of Tool will yield a much different paint stroke.The notes and lyrics evoke an emotional connection that is reflective in the finished work.

My vision is to create a raw, organic image, customizing the canvas and meeting the needs of a personal vision. As respectful as eye contact when shaking hands, my portraits ask to invite aa face-to-face, palpable connection with the viewer.

Robert Yager grew up in London, England. He moved to Mexico and attended the University of Mexico City, UNAM. He then relocated to Los Angeles, where he has since resided. He studied photography at Santa Monica College and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Yager has been a freelance editorial photographer since 1993, throughout which time he has been a consistent contributor to the U.K.’s Observer Magazine. He has also contributed to The New York Times Magazine, TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, Fader, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Reader’s Digest, LA Weekly and UK magazines of The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Face and Marie Claire. He toured with Van Halen as their personal photographer in 2007, ’08 and ’12.

Yager’s work has appeared in several exhibitions, including “Pulp Fact” at The Photographers' Gallery in London and was also featured at Visa Pour L'Image in Perpignan, France.

Yager is an award-winning photographer. He received a fellowship from the Aaron Siskind Foundation in 1996 for his work with gangs. Since then he has photographed this subject for The New York Times Magazine, TIME and The Observer Magazine. He was a finalist in the W. Eugene Smith Awards and won an International Photography Award for Best Photo Essay with this work.

Groundwork Indie Garage Is Back!

by groundwork coffee
on October 22, 2013

Groundwork's mission is to serve the best coffee and tea and well, to serve our community. Our stores and staff have been quietly supporting local causes since 1991. Groundwork Indie Garage (GIG) is an ongoing series of art exhibitions on our cafe walls and is just another step in fostering the talent of those who live in our midst. GIG will represent the unrepresented, present the usually un-presented and give our patrons a sense of organically discovering the serious talent hiding in the (sometimes literal) garages of artistic creativity around the areas that Groundwork serves.

Our Hollywood and Santa Monica Place Locations will be hosting 2 new artists this week.

Internationally published photographer and artist, Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin burst onto the art scene in 2009 with her unique and provocative take on food imagery. Coming from a career in fashion design, graphic design and commercial photography, she has trained her eye to capture beauty, texture and composition with all her subjects. After studying photography in Paris, she returned her native Los Angeles to continue expressing her vision through both fine art and commercial photography. While her commercial work focuses on product, architecture, and people, she has a particular interest in exploring the beauty and provocative side of everyday things, especially food. Cerraeh continues to push the boundaries with her range and subject matter. Her current collections of fine art photographs include "Aphrodisia - The Forbidden Fruit", "Roma Flora", "Scapes", and " Boudie Call". Her self-published book, Forbidden Fruit is available in 12x12 hardcover. Fine art prints and custom orders available upon request.

Our Hollywood location will also be presenting Nicole Daddona's work, starting with a vernissage on October 24, 2013 between 6 and 9 pm. Come out and support this local artist!

Local Artist Mandark Featured at Santa Monica Place

by groundwork coffee
on August 18, 2012

Come check out a recent installment of our collaboration with The Nation of Artists... 

Groundwork Indie Garage 



My name is Mandark the Keki Kid and I'm glad to know you're interested enough in me to read my bio. One thing you may already know about me is that I have an obsession and love for Cupcakes and sweets, or that I am an artist ^_^. 

To explain myself the best I would say that I am a child who can't escape my imagination. I've spent my childhood, teen years, and now my adult life, creating and living in my crazy world of sweets, colors, action, adventure and fun. Anything you see me paint is just a quick picture of what I experience in my head. Think of it as you getting to have the photograph of the world I live in. 

The world I've created has been inspired by (and molded from) my love of 1990s cartoons and Japanese pop culture, I love Japanese culture! 

I paint what I love and thought it would be cool to share my "Imagination Photographs" with people who might love to be “there” also. My main goal is to travel to different states and countries to share and spread my imagination. I'm not looking for fame, I'm just looking to do what I love and support myself and my family in the process. 

Thank you for stopping to read my bio, I appreciate it to the fullest. I hope you enjoy every sweet morsel of my art and walk away with some type of memory of what you have seen. – HAVE A SWEET DAY!

*Please see a barista to purchase any unsold work.  If you’d like to take the artwork with you today, please just let a barista know.

Chris Fitzgerald's The Mattress Show at Groundwork on Main

by groundwork coffee
on August 09, 2012

Don't miss this! 


"The Mattress Show: Portraits Since We Stopped Sleeping Together"
August 9, 5:30-7:30
Stop by for wine/cheese/coffee, and to meet the artist in person (and maybe even buy one of his amazing portraits of West Side mattresses!)

Groundwork Indie Garage 
The Mattress Show by Chris Fitzgerald
@ Groundwork, Santa Monica Main Street
July 19 - September 3, 2012

Michelle Robinson at Groundwork on the Boardwalk (corner Westminster)

by groundwork coffee
on August 09, 2012

Groundwork Indie Garage 
presents Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson was born an identical twin in Seoul, Korea in 1982 to a Korean mother and African American father. Shortly after her birth, the army based family moved to the United States where her parents split after a brief marriage. 

Michelle lived a somewhat nomadic life growing up, bouncing from one state to another with her two sisters and her single mother. “My soul never really had the chance to settle because as soon as we arrived it was already time to leave,” she explains, “But I thank every passing change, for they have made me who I am today and most importantly, they have made my art what it is today”. Michelle’s tumultuous upbringing has clearly molded her artistic style. “Each new city, new community and new feeling just added to my palette and influenced new ideas”. With only a High School diploma and her unyielding passion for her craft, Michelle continues to strive to leave her mark on the Los Angeles art scene. 


Michelle is obsessed with color, patterns and the female form. Natural or unfamiliar, loud or subtle, she creates whimsical interpretations of emotions suppressed and released by using the movement of the female figure as her wholly intriguing and revealing device. The forms carry on the undying notion of fertility, beauty, vulnerability, desire, weakness, seduction and power. Each angle of the body, be it a hand, leg or neck, helps to identify these characteristics. These figures float randomly on a spontaneously complex background of overlaying rhythmic patterns and tantalizing color harmonies. Her almost overwhelming use of repetitious curvilinear lines throughout her artwork helps connect each movement. Michelle describes her pieces as beautifully cluttered and untamed, but there is also a calm and sensual fluidity, that is carried out. Her art leaves the viewer trapped in a light air of mystery and playful enchantment. Her personal philosophy of art is constantly changing and shifting as she is influenced by the world around her. Michelle is an artist because of the endless possibilities of ideas, material and concepts. Her personal goal as an artist stems from everything around us; her interest lies with her senses, what she sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes. Her art is an ongoing conversation with the world around her and she tries to keep it animated. By the end product Michelle hopes to have laid a seed for other ideas to swell and other meanings that are formulated to intrigue her viewers.

GW Welcomes Local Artists Catherine Kaleel, Heather Boose-Weiss, and Deborah O'Reilly

by groundwork coffee
on May 04, 2012

Groundwork Indie Garage
Catherine Kaleel, Heather Boose-Weiss, & Deborah O'Reilly
@ Groundwork, Market at Santa Monica Place
April 26 June 18


In "HIP-POP," Kaleel engages the viewer with mega monster sized oil
paintings of toys, cassette tapes and games of the 80s and 90s whose
utility has been lost, and whose bright, appealing appearances blend
genuine aesthetic beauty with a nostalgia for the 'golden' age of
Nintendo controllers, joysticks and Speak & Spells (batteries
sometimes included).

A couple Catherine Kaleel originals....

In stark contrast, Boose-Weiss's high-contrast photographs form a
series labeled "STILL MOVING," in which the flow of nature has has
been captured in an ideal set of moments, often times integrating the
artist's own human form in their time capsule. Shot on a Hasselblad,
then printed "old school" as silver gelatin images, these no-nonsense
quality images from the young Venice artist are reminiscent of the
masters of the form.

work is the stuff of wonder. This body of work created by marker pen is a
departure for the artist and as Reilly puts it, is "seen through it’s many
twists and turns to the end. Whether it be pen to paper, ink or paint; my
relationship with Art is one of my most intimate. A very special space of
being able to get lost and experience an adrenaline rush, exhaustion and
joy. Instinct takes over and you let it be light, the thoughts and feelings
are in between the lines." We couldn't have said it better, and her magical
work is sure to surprise and delight.

The exhibition of these artists' work @Groundwork & in The Market runs
through to June 18, 2012.

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