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Groundwork Coffee Company dates back to 1990, when founder, Richard Karno, started his rare book and cafe business by roasting his own coffee. The demand from local Los Angeles restaurants became so great, he began roasting around the clock. Groundwork then went on to become one of the first certified organic coffee roasters in southern California (as well as the largest organic coffee roaster in L.A.), while pioneering sustainable, relationship-based, and organic coffee sourcing. Today, Groundwork has 7 cafe locations in Los Angeles and distributes their coffees and teas throughout Southern California.

Coffee is one of the Earth's great resources. In dollars, it's the world's second-most traded commodity. When it comes to pesticides, it's the world's third most sprayed crop-- that's why we went organic.

Organic certification ensures the coffee and the community of growers are not exposed to harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Groundwork now offers a wide variety of coffees and teas including certified organics, fairly traded, shade grown, single origin and custom blended coffees. Fairly traded means coffee farmers are paid an equitable price for their labor. And, all of our coffees are also certified kosher by an even higher authority!

Our licensed Q grader (a sommelier for coffee!), Jeff Chean, fine tunes each roast to bring out the best in each and every bean. 



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Our Best Blends

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold
  • Decaf Angel City
    Decaf Angel City
  • Venice Blend
    Venice Blend
  • Angel City
    Angel City
  • Black Magic Espresso
    Black Magic Espresso
  • Bitches Brew
    Bitches Brew