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    Brew School

    Hibiscus Organic Tea


    Background: This floral tisane is made from the crimson calyx (the part just below the petal) of the roselle species of hibiscus native to West Africa. The drink is sometimes called roselle or rosella (Australia), sorrel or red sorrel (Caribbean), and Agua de Jamaica or simply Jamaica in the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

    High in vitamin C, hibiscus tea has been used in traditional medicine around the world as a diuretic or to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, but we enjoy it for its refreshing tartness and cranberry-like sweetness — hot or cold, morning or night.

    Because of its very strong flavor, hibiscus is often mixed with other ingredients to create a balanced cup of tea. Traditional combinations include ginger, mint, lemon, and sugar, but we have developed our own signature blend which we've dubbed "Hibiscus Sunrise"  — comprised of hibiscus, chamomile, lemongrass, rosehips, cinnamon, and blood orange.

    In the Cup: This organic floral infusion is citrusy and tart with notes of cranberries and grenadine.

    Perfect Brew: Brew at 200-212°F for 3-5 minutes for a bright, crisp cup. If the result is too acidic or dry, try mixing with Green or Yerba Mate teas to round out the flavor.

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    Jasmine Green Organic Tea

    Jasmine Green Organic Specialty Tea

    Background: In the mountains of the Fujian Province of China, night-blooming jasmine flowers have been infused into local tea varietals for over 800 years for their luxurious scent and delicate flavor. The drink has historically been served to guests as a welcoming gesture throughout northern China —a custom which continues today.

    According to tradition, the jasmine flowers are picked in the early morning hours then mixed with fine green tea leaves in the evening. Upon nightfall, the blossoms open and infuse the tea with their soothing fragrance.

    The purported health benefits of Jasmine Green are staggering. In addition to improving immunity, circulation, and digestion, research suggests that it might have anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative, and even anti-inflammatory properties. Also: It’s downright delicious.

    In the Cup: This organic Chinese green tea is fragrant and sweet with subtle notes of clover honey and orange blossom.

    Perfect Brew: Brew at 170-185°F for 2-3 minutes for a clean, aromatic cup. If the aftertaste is astringent, dry, or too floral, lower your steeping temperature or shorten your steeping time.

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    Brazil Camocim - Sobrenatural

    Groundwork Coffee Co.'s Special Reserve - Organic Brazil Camocim: Super Natural single origin coffee

    Background: Over the past several years, we have worked with farmer Henrique Sloper at Camocim in the Espirito Santo Region of Brazil. We have featured several other special lots from Camocim for our Special Reserve Program, and this year, we are offering an outstanding Natural-processed small lot from this farm. We are calling this coffee “Sobrenatural" — Portuguese for Super Natural — because it is so outstanding. This coffee has been meticulously processed to bring out an amazing fruit-forward aroma and notes of maraschino cherry, grenadine, and milk chocolate. Its texture is creamy without being too heavy and it has an incredibly balanced acidity. We are very happy to present this lot as our Special Reserve for the late summer/early autumn season of the Groundwork offerings list. We hope you enjoy this truly Super Natural coffee.

    In the Cup: This light roast is creamy and smooth with a balanced acidity and notes of grenadine and milk chocolate.

    Source: Camocim Estate
    Region: Espirito Santo
    Altitude: 1100m
    Varietal: Yellow Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Cutuacai
    Harvest: May - September
    Processing: Natural Process, Sun Dried
    Certication: USDA Organic, Demeter Biodynamic 

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    Ethiopia Suke Quto

    Groundwork's Ethiopia Suke Quto Single Origin Coffee

    Background: The Suke Quto Farm was established in 2005 with the idea to implement environmentally friendly coffee farming practices under the shade of the natural forest canopy. The farm is set in a diverse landscape of mountains, highlands, plateaus, valleys, plains, and (most of all) highly nutritious volcanic soil: fertile, loamy, and dark brown in color. When a bushfire destroyed most of the surrounding forest, locals began growing corn and teff on the land, leading to soil erosion. Tesfaye Bekele, the farm's owner, came up with the idea to distribute coffee and shade tree seedlings. Our coffee from Suke Quto is the fruit of this conservation on effort to nestle the coffee gardens beneath an abundance of shade trees.

    Groundwork is very happy to be able to offer this stunning coffee. It has been a while since we carried a washed coffee from Ethiopia, but this one is well worth the wait. We are glad to bring this coffee back, thanks to our partnership and friends at Trabocca North America.

    In the cup: This light roast is crisp and refreshing with notes of watermelon, white peach, wintergreen, and Darjeeling tea.

    Source: Suke Quto
    Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
    Altitude: 1800-1950m
    Varietal: Kurume and Welicho
    Processing: Washed and then dried on raised beds
    Certification: USDA Organic

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    Brazil - Yellow Icatu Single Origin Espresso | Out of Stock

    Groundwork Coffee's Bazil Yellow Icatu Single Origin Espresso Brew School

    Background: The Camocim Estate is located in the Espirito Santo region, a coastal state north of Rio and west of Minas Gerais. Owner Henrique Sloper pays a great deal of attention to selecting species of coffee plants that will flourish in the various conditions throughout his farm. The plantation has been planned meticulously, and the choice for planting areas has been made based on areas of sun exposure, soil chemistry, and where the hillside faces turn to the east and/or to the north.

    Camocim Estate is one of our Direct Trade offerings, and over time we have developed a very special relationship with this farm and its owner. This time we are featuring the classic flavors of the Yellow Icatu variety. This lot was separated out for us, and we have roasted this just a bit darker than its predecessors to bring out the richness associated with this flavor profile. We suggest brewing this as an espresso to get the most out of the coffee, but whether you have it as a filter coffee, an aeropress, or an espresso, we think you’ll enjoy this limited offering from our friends in Brazil.

    In the Cup: This medium espresso roast is creamy and smooth with notes of milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and peanut butter

    Source: Camocim Estate
    Region: Espirito Santo
    Altitude: 1100m
    Varietal: Yellow Icatu
    Harvest: June - October
    Processing: Natural Process, Sun Dried
    Certication: USDA Organic, Demeter Biodynamic

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