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Introducing The Coffee Quartet

Golden Bean Winning Espresso

In September 2017, Groundwork made quite a splash at the Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition in Portland, Oregon. Going up against more than 800 submissions from the top coffee roasters in the U.S. and Canada, we edged out the opposition to take home medals in four different distinctions.

In the weeks leading up to the competition, our team meticulously sourced interesting and intriguing organic coffees from around the world, resulting in the blends that snatched these awards.

Now, we’re giving you an opportunity to sample each of the award-winners — in a brand-new custom four-pack that we like to call The Coffee Quartet. The 2017 Golden Bean Winners Quartet features six-ounce bags of four of our most remarkable blends.  

Mama Quilla

As the name Mama Quilla suggests, our decaf signature espresso blend packs a serious punch even without the caffeine jolt. A light roast set off by notes of cherry, kumquat, and Fuji apple, this award-winner makes for an unforgettable cup.
Recommended Brew Method: Espresso


Our signature espresso blend, otherwise known as Batch No. 9, is nothing short of a Groundwork classic. A light roast boasting notes of maraschino cherry, Meyer lemon, and Concord grape, it makes for a bold, subtly sweet cup.
Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso or V60


If you tried our 2017 Holiday Blend — and if you didn’t, dear God, why not? — then you’re already familiar with Viracocha, a gorgeous light-roast signature espresso blend with notes of pipe tobacco, brown sugar, and pine.
Recommended Brew Method: Espresso

Heritage Blend

With notes of fresh citrus, dark fruit, and milk chocolate, this single origin favorite is everything that makes our Ethiopia Heirloom Blend so delicious and a hands-down favorite among the Groundwork staff.
Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso or Chemex


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Groundwork Staff Picks

 Groundwork Staff Pick Coffee Blends


The way we see it, you don’t work with coffee day in and day out if you don’t love coffee. We’re referring, of course, to a passionate, some might say irrational, occasionally inexplicable love affair with beans and everything that goes into preparing an amazing cup.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the long-overdue step of pulling back the curtain, and sharing with you some of our favorite offerings. In no particular order:

Bitches Brew

Why we love it: This blend was crafted to celebrate the innovation and originality of Miles Davis’ music, and to honor his legacy by putting a caffeinated twist on his creativity. Of our dark roast coffees, this is a favorite for its subtle smokiness and for the rich, nutty notes of caramel. It’s the perfect bold blend to get us going on a Monday morning.

How we brew it: Another reason we love this coffee is because it’s easy to brew — in fact, we recommend brewing it using a drip method, which means a little extra time to get ready (or to hit the snooze button again).

Papua New Guinea

Why we love it: Not everyone on our staff wants to start their day with one of our boldest blends. In fact, a number of us prefer the warmth and subtlety of our Papua New Guinea single origin because it’s great for sipping all day long. This coffee has a tartness that likens it to some of our lighter roast coffees, but it has a rich body and chocolatey backbone to help start the day right.

How we brew it: This coffee works in a drip brewer, but our favorite way to brew it is by using the AeroPress method. One benefit of the AeroPress method is that it’s compact and portable, meaning we can brew a cup no matter where we are.

Heirloom Blend

Why we love it: Although our Heirloom Blend changes slightly when we get new lots in from farms across Ethiopia, we love that it showcases the best profiles of coffee from the region. We make sure to include both natural- and washed-process coffees so that this blend has a distinct fruitiness that makes it easy to drink, especially over ice.

How we brew it: We love brewing this blend using the V60 method; although it takes a little more time and attention, the V60 can bring out some of the more subtle tart and fruity flavors.

Venice Blend

Why we love it: Venice Blend is more than just a nod to our roots in Venice, California – that’s a nice story, but the real reason we love Venice is that it’s subtle. This is the coffee we regularly brew for friends and family who love coffee less intensely, which is to say that Venice is a coffee that simply tastes good no matter how advanced your palate.

How we brew it: This is another coffee that we love to brew using the drip method, which brings out the notes of chocolate and summer fruits. Because this coffee and recommended brew method are so accessible, Venice Blend is frequently ordered by staff as gifts for friends and family — not to mention kept at home as a go-to for when guests arrive.


Check out all of our favorites in our Staff Picks Collection, which we’ll be rotating regularly as we find new favorites.

Groundwork Is Open on Larchmont Blvd.

Groundwork Coffee on Larchmont Blvd

Groundwork is back in one of L.A.'s most iconic neighborhoods, Larchmont Village, tending to the daily coffee rituals of its residents and visitors! In addition to pouring all of the handcrafted organic coffee drinks you've come to know and love, we're serving delicious house-made baked goods, nutritious grab-and-go items, plus a full made-to-order menu (Bitches Brew Hash, anyone?). When you're shopping and strolling your way through the area, stop by and treat yourself to an L.A. classic.

New Grab and Go Offerings

New Grab and Go offerings at Groundwork

You’re busy. You’re hungry. We get it. Better yet, we’ve done something about it. Introducing Groundwork’s brand-new menu of grab-and-go offerings. All of the delicious, natural goodness you’ve come to love about our food menu expedited for your convenience. Here’s a, ahem, taste of what’s in store:

B.L.T.A. Sandwich
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sourdough, and vegan mayo

The Smokin' Turk Sandwich
All-natural turkey, sourdough, vegan garlic aioli, organic beets, Swiss cheese, and bacon-onion compote

The Groundwork Sandwich
Seasonal veggies, field-roast vegan chorizo, and whole-grain mustard vinaigrette on sourdough

Vegan Kale Caesar
Organic romaine lettuce, organic baby kale, cashew parmesan cheese, and vegan Caesar dressing

Side Salad
Herb-roasted potato salad

You can find these offerings at all our LA cafes.

See you at Expo West!

Groundwork Coffee at Expo West 2018

We're proud to announce that Groundwork Coffee will be at Natural Foods Expo West 2018 in Anaheim, March 8-10! Drop by our booth (N1335) to sample our nitro and single origin cold brews on draft. We'll also be at Fresh Ideas outside the Marriott Hotel on March 8 (booth F72).

Get more information.