Manual Brewing 101

January 02, 2021

Make 2021 your year of better coffee with brewing guides for all our favorite manual brewers

Decaf Doesn't Have to Suck

October 09, 2020

The trick to great decaf coffee is using great coffee. Period.

Coffee Fundamentals + Houseplants

September 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered what all the hocus pocus is going on behind the counter at the coffeeshop? Where do...

Coffee Spotlight

Ethiopia - Limu - Burka Gudina

July 06, 2017

Background: This washed Limu comes from the Jimma zone in the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia — from a farm...

Coffee Spotlight

Decaf Peru - Monteverde

June 26, 2017

Background: Based in the Municipality of Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas (Northern) Peru, Monteverde represents several producer organizations, including La Flor del...

Coffee Spotlight

Mexico - Chiapas - Mocabe

May 24, 2017

Background: Over the last several years, finding a good coffee from Mexico has been difficult. Due to bad crop years and...

Coffee Spotlight

Sumatra - Takengon Ika - Junus Family Farms

May 23, 2017

Background: This coffee is sourced from the family-run Jagong Mill and the surrounding farms (owned by Irham Junis, his son Andi,...

Coffee Spotlight


January 11, 2017

Background: La Lagunilla is a collection of growers from the Ixhuatlan de Juarez region in Oaxaca, composed of 84 landholders/farmers....

Coffee Spotlight

Colombia - AMUCC

January 10, 2017

In Colombia, the absence of men in communities due to the upheaval over the last 25 years created a vacuum....

Coffee Spotlight

Costa Rica - Las Lajas - Honey Process | Out of Stock

November 18, 2016

In Costa Rica, organic coffee is almost nonexistent, and that is why this coffee is so significant; being honey processed...

Coffee Spotlight

Gunpowder Organic Green Tea

November 01, 2016

Background: Look closely at this tea and you will see small, round pellets resembling grains of black powder. Also called...

Coffee Spotlight

Guatemala - San Antonio Huista

October 28, 2016

San Antonio Huista is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Huehuetenango, an area known for its lively acidity and...