Coffee Spotlight

Spotlight: Ethiopia Heirloom Blend

March 02, 2021

Our Certified Organic Ethiopia Heirloom Blend combines the best of the country's different growing seasons and varieties for one great single-origin coffee.

Coffee Spotlight

Anaerobic Coffee 101 with Los Piños Farm

January 19, 2021

Learn more about The Corales Family, producers of our newest Seasonal Select, Los Pinos

Coffee Spotlight

World Fair Trade Day

May 09, 2020

May 9th is World Fair Trade Day. Learn why Fair Trade has been a game-changer for coffee farmers and how Groundwork is continuing to support farmers with fair pricing around the world.

Coffee Spotlight

Peru – First Fruits Single Estate

June 05, 2018

Background: In a world where taking the easy road is so often rewarded, deciding to become an organic farmer is practically...

Coffee Spotlight

Limited Reserve Indonesia - Bali Blue

January 10, 2018

Background: Bali . . . the name invokes a tropical paradise. And while coffee doesn’t generally come to mind, as part...

Coffee Spotlight

Ethiopia - Limu - Burka Gudina

July 06, 2017

Background: This washed Limu comes from the Jimma zone in the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia — from a farm...

Coffee Spotlight

Decaf Peru - Monteverde

June 26, 2017

Background: Based in the Municipality of Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas (Northern) Peru, Monteverde represents several producer organizations, including La Flor del...

Coffee Spotlight

Mexico - Chiapas - Mocabe

May 24, 2017

Background: Over the last several years, finding a good coffee from Mexico has been difficult. Due to bad crop years and...

Coffee Spotlight

Sumatra - Takengon Ika - Junus Family Farms

May 23, 2017

Background: This coffee is sourced from the family-run Jagong Mill and the surrounding farms (owned by Irham Junis, his son Andi,...

Coffee Spotlight

Limited Reserve Rwanda

April 04, 2017

Background: We have featured coffee from COOPAC as a reserve in the past, and we are happy to be working...

Coffee Spotlight


January 11, 2017

Background: La Lagunilla is a collection of growers from the Ixhuatlan de Juarez region in Oaxaca, composed of 84 landholders/farmers....

Coffee Spotlight

Colombia - AMUCC

January 10, 2017

In Colombia, the absence of men in communities due to the upheaval over the last 25 years created a vacuum....