Coffee Spotlight

Gunpowder Organic Green Tea

November 01, 2016

Background: Look closely at this tea and you will see small, round pellets resembling grains of black powder. Also called...

Coffee Spotlight

Earl Grey Organic Teas

October 25, 2016

Background: The British “e” (as opposed to the American “a”) betrays Earl Grey’s English origins. Named after the 2nd Lord...

Coffee Spotlight

Sencha Organic Green Tea

September 27, 2016

Background: The most popular tea in Japan for centuries, Sencha tea is rapidly becoming an acquired taste in the West...

Coffee Spotlight

Jasmine Green Organic Green Tea

September 13, 2016

Background: In the mountains of the Fujian Province of China, night-blooming jasmine flowers have been infused into local tea varietals...