Blackstrap Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Almond, and Cranberry

Single Origin - Peru


Chocolate, Red Fruit, Fennel

Single Origin

Brazil: Fazendas Dutra

This Earthy Brazil has a syrupy creamy body and complex finish. Passed down through generations,...

Single Origin - Rwanda

Rwanda: Kotwibakabo Fair Trade

Peach, Jasmine, and Grapefruit

Single Origin

Gabe Kennedy's Signature Blend

Citrus, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Fruit

organic tea

Masala Chai

Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Ginger

organic tea

English Breakfast

Lemon & Toasted Wheat

organic tea

Iced Mango Flip

Mango, Hibiscus, and Passionfruit

organic tea


Sweet Red Fruit & Toasted Wheat


Cold Brew On Tap

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST You've been asking and our experts have finally found to a way...

organic tea

Earl Grey

Floral with hints of candied citrus

organic tea

Moroccan Mint

Mint, Honey, and Roasted Chestnuts

You snooze, you lose.

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