Gunpowder Certified Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea

organic tea


Gunpowder Certified Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea


8 oz.


2 tsp.



Perfectly Brewed In

2-3 minutes


Gunpowder is a unique Chinese green tea made by withering and tightly rolling the tea leaves from which its made. Look closely and you will notice a distinct pearl or bead shape of the rolled leaves. After rolling, the tea is dried over a high heat imparting its signature smoky flavor, although this tea also has notes of sweetness.

In the Cup

Sweet with subtle notes of roasted chestnut and wildflower honey.


Production of this tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty, but it wasn’t introduced to Taiwan until the 19th century. From there, it spread to the rest of the world where it is still made using several different varietals, including Ti Kwan Yin and Jasmine Green, although the most common is called Pingshui Gunpowder.

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