Single Origin - Papua New Guinea

Wau Estate - Monpi Sustainable Services

Groundwork has partnered with Wau Co-Op since 2014 and is proud to contribute to a...



In the Cup: toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate This coffee is an ode to our roots...

Single Origin - Ethiopia

Heirloom Blend

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the Heirloom Blend highlights the best flavors from...


Black Gold

In the Cup: dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut, red apple We set out to develop a...


Bitches Brew

Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, fleur de sel caramel Named after the legendary Miles Davis album,...

Single Origin

AMUCC Fair Trade

In the Cup: Tangerine, red currant, milk chocolate, green apple, and clover honeySimply put, we fell...

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