In an era and a city where most people spend significant parts of their day either in front of a screen or behind the wheel of a car, a coffeehouse serves as an adult time out. Even if it’s for just 5 minutes as the customer parks, runs out of their car and purchases a pastry and a cup of coffee.  That’s 5 minutes of interaction with the world and other people. At Groundwork, our goal is to make the 5, or 45 minutes, a reassuring experience. Reassuring in that you know you’re buying a sustainable product, made with care from a locally run company. Reassuring also in that there is no pressure to meet an ever-changing standard of hipness or coffee knowledge in order to interact with the employees. Coffee is a ritual, a fuel, a comfort food. It’s not a status symbol. At Groundwork, the customer is our community and our job is to make everyone feel welcome.