Certified Organic Coffee Available in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Residents:

Tired of that same old coffee from big coffee chains? Give Groundwork a try! Groundwork's organic coffee is brewed locally in Los Angeles! Our products can easily be ordered online and quickly shipped to you in Seattle, Washington! See our top 3 most popular coffee roasts purchased by other Seattle patrons:

Black Gold Organic Signature Blend | Bitches Brew Organic Signature Blend | Venice Organic Signature Blend

Why Organic?

Clever DripperIn our book, organic certification is one of the cornerstones for sustainable practices, and it shows that we care. We care about our growers and their workers and want to support only farms that don’t expose their crops, people, land, or local watersheds to dangerous agrotoxins. Likewise, we care about our local communities and show it by providing them coffee produced without the aid of dangerous pesticides and herbicides...or karma.

Why Fair Trade?

If we ask our farm communities to respect their crops, people, and environment, we have to provide another side to that equation: We have to find a way to keep the job of "Specialty Coffee Farmer" an attractive option for the farmers and their families. We do that by paying a fair price either through the FairTrade USA program, through the market by paying prices well above commodity pricing, or by dealing directly with producers.

Brew Guides

The Aeropress is a direct-infusion method combined with pressure that can create an extraction in a relatively brief amount of time. The Aeropress has recently captured the imagination of the coffee community because of its versatility. Learn how to brew your Groundwork Coffee using this method and more with our complete brew guides!