Organic Dos Granjeras
Organic Dos Granjeras
Organic Dos Granjeras
Organic Dos Granjeras

Organic Single Origin

Organic Dos Granjeras

Light Roast | Strawberry and Milk Chocolate

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Meet The Women of AMUCC

As a part of our ongoing relationship with AMUCC, a 100% women-owned farming association in Colombia, every year, we present the AMUCC Quality Award to two or more members of the association that set themselves apart from an already awe-inspiring group. These Quality Award-winning coffees are blended to create "Dos Granjeras", a unique blend of micro-lots that are Groundwork exclusives. We usually only choose 2 winners, but this year the scores were so close that we bought from the four top coffees.

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Hario V60

The Hario V60 allows for a simple hands-on brewing process that relies on the technique of the brewer.

It Takes a Village!

By focusing this award on micro-lots within AMUCC, we can celebrate Certified Organic farms concentrating on producing a quality product beyond increasing yields. The additional premium paid allows our winning farmers to focus on what ends up in the cup while maintaining their income and livelihood. By celebrating these successes in organic coffee farming, we also help to encourage additional farms to transition to organic and regenerative farming practices. We are so excited to celebrate the work of Argenis, Bertha, Fabiola, and Elizabeth in this year's Dos Granjeras.