Limited Reserve Organic Peru: Jose Herrera
Limited Reserve Organic Peru: Jose Herrera

Organic Single Origin

Limited Reserve Organic Peru: Jose Herrera

Light Roast | Red Grape and Jasmine

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Lush, Lovely, and Extremely Limited

We couldn't be more proud to announce the third installment of our Limited Reserve Program, featuring the incredible coffee of the aforementioned Jose and custom art from Danielle Deley. As a Spring offering, it was crucial to us to find both art and coffee that was complex, bright, and beautiful. In other words, We wanted this launch to exemplify everything we love about the season: big, bold colors and elevated fun flavors. 


Hario V60

The Hario V60 allows for a simple hands-on brewing process that relies on the technique of the brewer.

El Cipres

Jose's Washed Yellow Caturra lot featuring complex and composed notes of Red Grape, Jasmine, and Almonds was a perfect springtime pairing, accompanied by Danielle's sophisticated and bold yet verdant art.