Sumatra: Gayo Buana Mandiri

Sumatra: Gayo Buana Mandiri

The Gayo Highlands are one of our favorite coffee-growing regions, located in the northern tip of Sumatra. A smooth, full-bodied medium roast with notes of honey and hibiscus, you're in for a real treat.

Sumatra Gayo Buana Mandiri

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While Gayo coffee has become somewhat well known, the economic realities of Gayo coffee farmers had not changed significantly over the decades; many of them had needed to find other sources of income in order to fulfill the daily needs of their households.

The Buana Mandiri Cooperative was formed in 2014 in order to increase the collective welfare and income for the people in this small community.

The mission of the Buana Mandiri Cooperative is to strengthen the economic wellbeing of the small tight knit communities, and provide a centralized social institution to better look after community interests. This includes dedicated conservation initiatives to protect the land that so many depend on.

Gayo Sumatra Coffee Farmer

The Buana Mandiri Cooperative has reinvigorated the traditional culture of regenerative farming practices of the native Gayonese people and serves to ensure the continuation of this amazingly resilient and hardworking people.