Single Origin

Seasonal Select Los Pinos

Introducing our first Seasonal Select of 2021, Los Pinos. This Direct Trade coffee from The...


Cold Brew Blend

Here at Groundwork, cold brew is a way of life. Since its inception, our Classic...

Single Origin

Colombia: Fuerza Femenina

Fuerza Femenina is a new spin on our Colombia single origin coffee. Also produced by...

Single Origin - Colombia

Colombia: AMUCC Fair Trade

Tangerine, Green Apple, and Milk Chocolate


Angel City

Dates, Cola, and Citrus


Big Easy

Molasses & Sweet Chicory


Big Shot Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, and Molasses

Blends - Bestseller

Bitches Brew

Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Blends - Bestseller

Black Gold

Dark Chocolate, Toasted Hazelnut, and Red Apple


Black Magic Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Cherry, and Caramel


Blackstrap Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Almond, and Cranberry

Single Origin

Brazil: Fazendas Dutra

This Earthy Brazil has a syrupy creamy body and complex finish. Passed down through generations,...

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