Single Origin

Limited Reserve METAD Gedeb

This Limited Reserve comes to us by way of The Adinew Brothers, owners and operators of...


Cold Brew Blend

Here at Groundwork, cold brew is a way of life. Since its inception, our Classic...

Single Origin

Seasonal Select Peru Timbuyacu

Just outside Mendoza, Peru in the Amazonas region is Alfonso Tejeda and Karim Rosario Araoz's Timbuyacu...

Single Origin

Three Organic Stories Trio Box

Organic is at the core of what we do. From sourcing the best organic coffee...

Single Origin

Kenya Kiambu Muiri Estate (Special 6oz Package)

Organic coffee is rare in Kenya, but excellent organic coffee is practically unheard of. We...

Single Origin

Dos Granjeras (Special 6oz package)

Every year, we source incredible coffees from a 100% women-owned farming coop in Colombia, but...

Single Origin

Finca Picorana (Special 6oz package)

Choosing organic affects much more than what you put in your own body. By ethically...

Single Origin

Colombia: Fuerza Femenina

Fuerza Femenina is a new spin on our Colombia single origin coffee. Also produced by...

Single Origin - Colombia

Colombia: AMUCC Fair Trade

Tangerine, Green Apple, and Milk Chocolate


Angel City

Dates, Cola, and Citrus


Big Easy

Molasses & Sweet Chicory


Big Shot Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, and Molasses

You snooze, you lose.

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