6 essential tools to have at your beginner barista station

6 essential tools to have at your beginner barista station

Looking to build your own coffee station at home? After working at a coffee company for years, you'd guess that we'd all have fancy espresso machines at home ready to brew our delicious, organic coffee. Wrong! I was a heavy Chemex user until today when I was gifted the Breville black sesame espresso machine.

And I thought, my long coffee making days are over! I can push this button and this machine will magically pour out a delicious cup of coffee. Wrong! Just as you and I expected, the world of coffee is so complex and intriguing - even with an expensive espresso machine, there are many tools and steps you need to take for that perfect cup of coffee.

Here are a list of things recommended by our team members and coffee enthusiasts all around to start your home barista journey! We kept it budget friendly because we know how expensive these machines can get. Cheers to the start of a beautiful journey! Can't wait to see what kind of delicious drinks you'll brew.

1. A scale - Provides precise measurement and a timer so that you can dial in the espresso machine. 

2. A Tamper - The amount of pressure you apply is simply controlled by a spring inside the tamper itself so that you don't over do it!

3. A dosing funnel - Reduces the mess so that there is no waste! 

4. FusedLine WDT tool - Eliminate clumps and improve consistency.

5. Electric Milk Frother - A must for all the latte lovers! 

6. Last but not least, our Black Magic EspressoA classic Italian espresso with a supernatural kick; notes of dark chocolate and red berry. We’ve roasted our Black Magic espresso to focus on sweetness, developing a thick, rich crema with bright berry flavors and a touch of chocolate. Saluti!