Barista favorites at Groundwork on Rose

Barista favorites at Groundwork on Rose
With so many delicious options at Groundwork, we know it’s sometimes hard to choose what to order. Let your friendly neighborhood baristas at Groundwork on Rose help! Here are some of our favorite drinks and pastries!

Favorite drink: Classic cold brew w/ vanilla & almond milk
“But when I’m feeling fancy I’ll do a matcha.”
Favorite pastry: Monkey bread 
“I’ve never had so much fun pulling apart a pastry and then eating it.” 


Favorite drink: Horchata cold brew 
“It’s refreshing and strong.” 
Favorite pastry: Strawberry chia Danish 
“I like fruity pastries.”


Favorite drink: Cortado w/ oat milk
“It’s creamy and effective. I can taste the espresso but it’s softened by the oat milk and keeps me from overdoing my caffeine intake!” 
Favorite pastry: Zucchini flaxseed bread (gluten-free)
“You can have it any time of day because it’s not too sweet or too heavy. It’s the perfect portion, texture, and flavor.” 


Favorite drink: Beehive matcha 
“I like to take the honey out.” 
Favorite pastry: Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (gluten-free)
“It tastes the best.”


Favorite drink:
A pour-over of any Seasonal Select or Limited Reserve coffee
“As a shameless coffee nerd, I like picking out the nuances in flavors between beans of different farms and processing methods.”
Favorite pastry: Morning Glory muffin (vegan &  gluten-free)
“I’m vegan and gluten-free too, and I love carrots – so much that once when I was younger, I got that orange tint in my skin from eating too much beta-carotene.” 


Favorite drink: A black cup of Bitches Brew
“When I first started drinking coffee, I always thought that coffee was something of an acquired taste.” Since he didn’t know anything about coffee, he thought he’d start from square one.
“I thought to myself, ‘what would a lumberjack drink after chopping down some trees?’ …The darker coffees I found, the more I liked them. So when I tried Bitches Brew, that was perfect.”

Favorite pastry: Banana bread (vegan)
“Even though I don’t like a lot of sweet things, the banana bread is my favorite because I like to remember back in the day when I was in high school I used to have an ex-girlfriend that would always make me banana bread.”  
Written by 
Melina Devoney 
Barista, Coffee Captain, Blogger