The importance of Regenerative Organic Certification by Jeff Chean

The importance of Regenerative Organic Certification by Jeff Chean

How did Coffee Unified bring ROC coffee to Groundwork?

Groundwork coffee was imported by California-based importer Coffee Unified. All of the others were brought by way of Portland, Oregon-based importer Sustainable Harvest, and each of the roasters maintains certified Organic roasting capability. 

How have Groundwork customers reacted?
“Better for the world… AND smells incredible?!!

It made me feel great about being one of the first to try this better-for-the-world coffee, It smelled amazing in the bag, more amazing when I opened the bag, and then again when I ground it and tastes awesome! New favorite!”

-Elliot K.

“This coffee was delicious! Roasted fresh to order, and serving a greater cause to preserve coffee farms. Reordering now!”
-Tamara L.

"Glad that I tried this one! Wonderful taste and aroma! It was new to me."
-Anne M.

Quotes from founders/employees to share about why this work is important? 

“Frankly, everyone and everything that lives on Earth has a stakeholder’s interest in the conditions necessary for life to continue to, well, continue. This planet is approaching an existential tipping point.  A recent study (Armstrong McKay et al) shows that, at the current rate of carbon emissions, Earth will surpass the 1.5⁰ C warming threshold whereby certain changes in the climate will become self-perpetuating in a not-too-good way for everything living on our planet.  What sustainability goal could be more important than sustaining the survival of the Human Race?  Will Regenerative Ag practices solve the problem? No, not by itself.  The approach must be multi-pronged of which Regen Ag practices is but one prong.  But I say, let it be the prong that flies the flag for radical change; let it be the prong that makes the loud noise that wakes everyone up!”

- Jeff Chean

Why is it particularly important in the coffee industry?

“Consumers or coffee - Specialty Coffee in particular - seem to want to know about where there coffee comes from and how it was grown.  The call for transparency about prices paid to farmers, who the growers are, what area of the world the coffee comes from,the implementation of social equity practices, and fair prices when markets are low are a somewhat unique phenomenon in the coffee industry.  We don’t see the same level of concern and interest in the information about where one’s bananas or broccoli comes from like we do in coffee.  So introducing a certification with such far reaching goals and potential impacts to an already interested and engaged market is a good way to ensure a successful launch.”