Big Easy blend, Groundwork’s homage to the City of Saints, is back!

Since the Civil War, chicory coffee has been a New Orleans staple and a nostalgic flavor for anyone who has had the opportunity to visit this grand city. Groundwork’s Big Easy is a balanced blend of coffee and chicory, highlighting the roasted-coffee, molasses, and licorice-root notes of the chicory.

Traditionally the cost of chicory has been less expensive than the cost of coffee; once roasted, its pungent aromas, molasses-like sweetness, and roasted coffee-like flavor profile made it a perfect filler or substitute.

Times have changed. Chicory — at least the Certified Organic Chicory that we use — is in high demand and can be very, very costly. For the last year or so, our suppliers have had trouble finding Certified Organic Chicory, causing the Big Easy blend to take a leave of absence. 

At long last, Groundwork has found a supply of Organic Chicory that meets our standards, and we are once again able to offer this classic blend.