2021 Put in the Work Report

2021 Put in the Work Report

Our first-ever Put in The Work report is an effort to show some of the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into doing what we do. From showcasing farmer partners to our local organizations doing amazing things, we want to share with you all the good that comes from that morning (or afternoon, we don’t judge) coffee.

Click here to view our 2021 Put in the Work Report.

People always celebrate success at the finish line, but at Groundwork, we know good things come to those who put in the work. We understand the struggles, the effort, the failures, and the small wins and losses along the way. Because we live it every day.

Coffee is a constant through-line in all of our lives. It’s the reason an artist can stay up late painting into the night. It’s the reason students can wake up early in the morning to get a few more hours of studying in. It’s the thing that emboldens our community to apply for jobs, to survive a heartbreak, and to take care of their children through sleepless nights.

It’s the foundation for the future—that little extra push to work harder, to do better, and to get up and go each day. When you love what you do, you don’t stop, no matter how hard it gets. People put in the work and so do we.

Cheers to a great year.

Groundwork Team