Groundwork’s Holiday gift guide

Groundwork’s Holiday gift guide
Everyone at Groundwork is so grateful for the support of our local community. So this season, we’re showcasing some of our favorite local Californian companies to add to your holiday shopping list.   

Your parents 
Although all they really want is a handwritten note and a hug, throw in a FRINJ coffee plant to give them more appreciation for how coffee is produced. Plus, better to leave it up to the adults to keep our plants alive. 

SELF LOVE BOX Specialty Boxes House of Intuition
Your siblings 
House of Intuition affirmation and intention candles can help your fam with whatever they’re going through. Show your support with the Healing collection, or poke fun at their dating life with the Love Come to Me candle.   

Twho Shroomworks shot bottles in front of a pineapple, ginger root, lemon and blueberries
Your roommate
Here’s a chance to get a gift for your home (that you can hopefully share).
Shroomworks drops are versatile and super high-quality. Is your roommate always tired and sleeping in late? Get them Cordyceps Inner Energy. Scatterbrained and always forgetting their keys? Try Lion’s Mane Mental Focus. Always getting you sick? Turkey Tail Golden Immunity is for them. We also offer the all-in-one Shroomworks Master Blend as a beverage add-on at our cafes! 

Your boss
Let’s face it, you don’t know a thing about your boss outside of work. Let us do the legwork with our Best-Sellers Coffee Bundle or Holiday Gift Trio. With two dark roasts and one light roast, they’re bound to love it. 

Your officemates
You can’t go wrong with a Groundwork beanie! We have new colorways and who doesn’t need something comfy? The office is probably always cold, anyway. 

Echo Park lake view of the center fountain and one swan boats with two riders

Your bestie
The best gift is quality time!
For your outdoorsy friend, the Echo Park Lake swan boats will give them a little exercise, photo ops, and sunshine. You can get your caffeine fix at the coffee shop before you hop on the boat, and you’re allowed to bring a little picnic on the boats! 

For indoor fun, get tickets for a classic movie night at the non-profit Vidiots theater or the famous Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. 

A Cafe Gratitude gift card is a perfect hint for your health & eco-conscious bff that they haven’t taken you out to lunch in a while. Make sure to order their top-tier coffee ;) 

Seasonal Select Organic Warm Wishes medium roast surrounded by tasting notes

Your posh friend
They’re probably in the local wine or photography club, so you’ll want to show off your exquisite taste with our Seasonal Selects: Warm Wishes and Regenerative Organic Certified! 

The coffee fanatic
Any professional or home barista will be a kid in a candy shop with a gift card to Pasquini Coffee Co. This local, family-owned business sells equipment and accessories from milk pitchers to pre-loved espresso machines. They also offer equipment repairs!  

Your gf/bf, soulmate, situationship, or whatever you are calling yourselves 
Okay, it’s not local but we couldn’t resist the Bialetti Mini Express. It’s an adorable brewing method made for lovers; this stovetop contraption makes two cups at a time of espresso-like coffee – crema and all. Bialetti is an Italian heritage brand known for its high quality and iconic Italian style, and with various colorways to choose from, the Mini Express is no exception. We suggest using a hearty dark roast like Bitches Brew or a darker medium roast like Black Magic.

A splurge for your queen or king
If you’re looking to drop a little more on a special someone, check out Pitango Rings. He is based in Venice and makes customizable, high-quality, and attention-grabbing rings and more.