Meet The Sustainable Sewing Shop: Upcycled Holiday Gift Sack

Meet The Sustainable Sewing Shop: Upcycled Holiday Gift Sack
Morgan from The Sustainable Sewing Shop
The seamstress behind our 2022 Upcycled Holiday Gift Sack. She took our burlap coffee bags we receive from our coffee partners all around the world, and upcycled them into a one-of-a-kind drawstring gift sack.

Meet Morgan behind The Sustainable Sewing Shop

"I have always loved making things from scratch. Whether in the kitchen, in the workshop, or at my sewing machine, I love that I can create something unique where before there was nothing. That's why I opened The Sustainable Sewing Shop!"
Gift SackUpcycled gift sack from Mexico
"Here, our focus is on repurposing or repairing the old to create something new. Whether we are working with small businesses like Groundwork Coffee to upcycle their soft goods, or individuals looking to spice up their wardrobe, our goal is to empower others to create heirloom-worthy items that won't just last a lifetime; they'll last for generations to come."

Regenerative Organic Alliance

Thank you for supporting Regenerative Organic Alliance
A portion of the proceeds from this gift goes to supporting Regenerative Organic Alliance, a non-profit who supports increased soil health, improved animal welfare, and economic stability and fairness for farmers, ranchers, and workers around the world.