Seasonal Select: Indonesia Sulawesi

Seasonal Select: Indonesia Sulawesi

We're so excited to introduce our second Seasonal Select of 2022: Organic Indonesia Sulawesi!

When we first created our seasonal select program, our intention was to shine a light on some of the best fresh crop coffees worldwide. As part of that ethos, it was also crucial for us to use the program as a platform to explore new and exciting coffee-growing regions.

Seasonal Select: Organic Indonesia Sulawesi
While Indonesian coffee is by no means new, we are excited to feature it  for the first time as part of the program. Coffees from Indonesia can have a reputation for being earthy, spicy, and bold but our latest offering from the island of Sulawesi certainly breaks that stereotypical mold.
Indonesia Sulawesi

While most coffees from this region are semi-washed, this specific lot is a Natural Processed Coffee, something you certainly don't see every day. Featuring notes of Concord Grape and green apple, this coffee is sweet and juicy while retaining the bold full-body people have come to love about Indonesian coffee.


When it becomes time to harvest, cherries are picked and transported to the Sulotco processing facility in the Bolokan valley (hence the Toraja Bolokan Monica). Post Harvest PT Sulotco Jaya Abadi implements an incredibly progressive profit-sharing model: 75% of the crop revenue is allocated to the farmers working the property and 25 % to the company.

Bottom Line this coffee checks a lot of boxes for us. It's 100% certified organic, people forward, and outright delicious. 

Technical Specs:

Rantekarua Estate managed by PT Sulotco Jgaya Abadi

Catimor, S-795, Typica

Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
May - September
    1400 - 1800 masl
      Volcanic loam
        Full natural and dried on raised beds