Seasonal Select: Supernatural

Seasonal Select: Supernatural

Frightfully sweet with a mystical, almost otherworldly complexity, our Fall Seasonal Select is an ode to all things Halloween. Crafted with our favorite fall holiday in mind, those who dare try it will be transported to Halloween parties past, finding notes of candy corn and fruit punch. 

Supernatural coffee bag surrounded by halloween decor in dim lighting

This Ethiopia natural hailing Yigrachefe adds sweetness and complexity that is truly out of this world. To top it all off, The Honduras Natural from sustainable harvest provides the perfect finishing touch in an already stellar lineup of origins and processing methods.

A blend of three different natural processed coffees from Central America and Africa and a scary good anaerobic from Nicaragua make for a perfect Autumn treat. Try “SUPERNATURAL” before it disappears for good! Available for a limited time.

Farm Locations:

Aranjuez, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Mogola, Marcala Honduras

Gedeb, Yirgachefe, Ethiopia