Espresso and Iced latte Recipe for Indonesia Sulawesi

Espresso and Iced latte Recipe for Indonesia Sulawesi

Have you tried our Seasonal Select yet? While Indonesian coffee is by no means new, it has a reputation for being deliciously earthy, spicy, and bold. But don't just take it from us! We invited our good friend and coffee connoisseur, Alex Alvarez, to try out our seasonal blend and share with us his favorite recipe for this special coffee.

"Love the Apple flavor. It’s one of the main aromas and flavor you immediately notice. As an espresso, it gives a rich smooth taste. As for a latte rarely anything is needed to embody the flavor of both the milk and coffee." -Alejandro Alvarez

Recipe for espresso
Fine coarse bean
18g of beans
20-35 seconds total time of extraction
For best results 40-45g of total liquid extraction or 1:2 bean to extract ratio

Recipe for iced latte
Fine coarse bean
18g/ beans
20-35sec extraction
9fl oz of regular or alternative milk
1fl oz of water (to relieve stress of the espresso)
1 tbsp of Sugar* (brown or raw) or maple syrup
2 medium sizzled ice cubes