Introducing our new 2022 Spring Seasonal Items!

Introducing our new 2022 Spring Seasonal Items!
Spring has sprung here at Groundwork kitchen. Made in house daily with the freshest, organic ingredients, we guarantee that all the drinks and pastries are mindfully made by people who believe that food should be both good AND good for you. Check out our new items below!

Superbloom Matcha Latte

Originally created by the Main St. team years ago, This new 
and improved recipe was dialed in by our very own Darrell Baskin in an effort to create an exciting new beverage to compliment our new seasonal food offerings! Featuring An Amber Honey Lavender Syrup and our Culinary Grade Matcha, This beverage is sure to Suprise and Delight both new customers and regulars looking to try something fresh and sweet!

Chocolate Matcha Croissant
Our newest spring pastry melds two of our favorite things- chocolate and matcha. Made in-house daily, our Chocolate Matcha Croissant is flaky and delicious, stuffed with a decadent matcha cream.

Mango Coconut Parfait
We love our fruits! Topped with our house-made gluten free granola, our new mango coconut parfait is the perfect, and healthy grab-n-go item for your every day. 

Looking for other items? Check out our full grab-n-go menu here.