New Years Eve Coffee Cocktail Recipe

New Years Eve Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Happy New Year from Team Groundwork! šŸŽŠĀ 

We're ringing in 2022 with this boozy egg nog with a caffeinated twist to get you to the ball drop.Ā 

This is an easy, no fuss recipe that your friends and family (21+) will enjoy.Ā 


Step 1: Start with1.5 ozĀ Egg Nog (of choice)

egg nog poured into shaker

Add 0.5 oz Groundwork coffee concentrate

Add .5 oz of Groundwork Cold Brew Concentrate

Add 1Ā oz BourbonĀ 

add whiskey to shaker bottle

Add ice & shake vigorously

Shake the coffee cocktail in shaker bottle

Pour over fresh ice & garnish with cinnamon

garnish drink with cinnamon

Enjoy! Cheers to 2022!

Enjoy your coffee cocktail! Cheers!