New Years Eve Coffee Cocktail Recipe

New Years Eve Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Happy New Year from Team Groundwork! 🎊 

We're ringing in 2022 with this boozy egg nog with a caffeinated twist to get you to the ball drop. 

This is an easy, no fuss recipe that your friends and family (21+) will enjoy. 


Step 1: Start with1.5 oz Egg Nog (of choice)

egg nog poured into shaker

Add 0.5 oz Groundwork coffee concentrate

Add .5 oz of Groundwork Cold Brew Concentrate

Add 1 oz Bourbon 

add whiskey to shaker bottle

Add ice & shake vigorously

Shake the coffee cocktail in shaker bottle

Pour over fresh ice & garnish with cinnamon

garnish drink with cinnamon

Enjoy! Cheers to 2022!

Enjoy your coffee cocktail! Cheers!