Los Pinos, Nicaragua

Los Pinos, Nicaragua

The Corrales Family has four generations of coffee producers, preserving the best practices that have allowed us to achieve a distinctive and outstanding flavor. We continue to use the methods of crops used by our past generations, adding to our soil, only organic products made on our own farm.

We have managed to convey the message that coffee production is an art, that it must be worked with dedication, thinking about our nature, our community, and our consumers. 

About Los Pinos Farm

Producing organic coffee since 1986, located in the high mountains of the "El Arenal" nature reserve in Aranjuez, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Our production is based on the cultivation of high quality organic coffee, under the rules of protection and preservation of our natural resources.

Finca "Los Pinos" is located in the northern region of Nicaragua, this region produces approximately 83.80% of the national production and has exceptional agro-ecological conditions for coffee production. We are located in the community of Aranjuez, belonging to the department of Matagalpa. Our Finca is part of the El Arenal Nature Reserve, at an altitude of 1400 meters, in which the waters that feed the great Apanas lake are born.

2022 Cup of Excellence - Nicaragua 

During this 2022, Mayra Lucila decided to continue our participation in the cup of excellence in Nicaragua, preparing herself the batch that she worked with in mind to create an excellent cup that highlights the flavors of the Maracaturra variety. During this process we were classified among the 28 best Nicaraguan coffees to participate in the international auction, we are very happy for their participation and eager to prepare more coffee for the following year.
"Behind every cup, there is a forest, a river to protect, a climate to conserve, many hands that work and a planet to save."
-Byron Corrales