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Our Story

Nearly 30 years ago, Groundwork opened its doors in Venice Beach, CA with a small-batch roaster and a big mission: to source and share the very best organic coffee we could find.

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Our Values

Our coffee is sourced from every growing region in the world. Our mission is to ensure that none of those offerings come at the expense of the farmers who brought them to market.

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Our Coffee

Our coffee is certified organic, fairly traded, and ethically sourced because we believe that good coffee starts with an investment in the farmers, growers, and communities at origin.

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Our Kitchen

Our dedicated kitchen team prepares over 4,000 scratch-made pastries each week, tests new seasonal recipes, and promotes sustainability by using sustainable packaging and sourcing local ingredients.

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Our Community

Our communities are both local and global and we believe they all matter. This is why we participate in dozens of community events throughout the year in all of the communities we serve.

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Catering & Delivery

Our Catering & Delivery program delivers your favorite organic coffee, tea, and more for everything from work events to weddings

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