clever dripper being used to make coffee

Clever Dripper

This coffee brewer employs the same mechanism of extraction as a French Press while allowing for convenient brewing directly into your cup. It employs a combination of direct-infusion and pour-over methods to produce a clean, syrupy, articulate brew.

1. Place the #4 filter in the Clever Dripper, then rinse the filter, and pre-heat the Clever Dripper with at least 370 g (about 1.5 cups) of hot water.

This will remove any papery flavors imparted by the filter and ensure the temperature of your water doesn't drop when you begin to brew. Once the filter is completely saturated with hot water, discard the rinse water.

2. Grind 24 g of coffee to a medium-fine grind.

The texture should be just slightly finer than the consistency of sand.

3. Add coffee to the Clever Dripper, gently leveling the coffee in the brew bed.

4. Bring your water to a full rolling boil, or 210°F. Let your water stand for about one minute before beginning to brew.

5. Start a timer for 2:30 and gently pour water onto the ground coffee in the Clever Dripper, stirring to ensure that all of the grounds are saturated.

Place the lid on the brewer to insulate.

6. After the timer sounds (at 2:30), gently give the coffee another stir and place the Clever Dripper on a pre-heated carafe or range server to drain.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

You snooze, you lose.

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