Brew Guide for your Clever Dripper

Made from BPA-free plastic, the Clever Dripper is a combination of the direct-infusion and pour-over methods that provides excellent functionality and convenience.

Tools needed: Clever Dripper, #4 Paper Filter, Kettle, Timer, Scale.   

Clever Dripper Brew Guide

WATER             COFFEE           

  370g                     24g                          

  1. Place a #4 paper filter in the Clever Dripper and fill with hot water to heat the brewer. Then rinse the filter.
  2. Grind 24g of coffee on a "paper filter” setting — a grind just slightly finer than the consistency of sand.
  3. Pre-heat the pouring kettle by completely filling it with 210°F water. At the same time, drain the Clever Drip- per of the hot water and add the 24g of ground coffee.
  4. Empty the pre-heated kettle and refill the pouring kettle with 370g of 210°F water.
  5. Start a timer for 2:30 and gently pour the 370g of 210°F water onto the ground coffee in the Clever Dripper, stirring to ensure that all of the grounds are saturated. Place the lid on the brewer to insulate.
  6. After the timer sounds (at 2:30), gently give the coffee another stir and place the Clever Dripper on a pre-heated carafe to drain. Serve immediately.

This process should take just under a minute.