Our Tea

For nearly 30 years, Groundwork has prided itself on serving exceptional certified organic coffee and tea to our community.  Much like coffee, tea is an agricultural product that changes from year to year, and is available in varying degrees of quality.  And much like coffee, there are often exciting teas that we, quite literally, can't resist purchasing. 

We're proud of our line of 26 organic teas that meet our rigorous standards for both quality and sustainability.  There is something for every tea connoisseur, be it a floral tisane, aged Pu-Erh, or a hearty iced tea

All of our teas are available in-store as freshly prepared hot and cold beverages, as well as in loose-leaf packaged tea cases, available in-store and online

Why Organic?

Organic tea is preferable to conventionally grown to the benefit of both the grower and the consumer. Organic tea farming frees the soil from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides, avoids harmful runoff and groundwater contamination and is overall better for the health of those growing the tea we consume.  With coffee, the high roasting temperatures will most likely burn off any residual chemicals.  Tea is different. While some pesticides and fertilizers are removed during processing, many are water-soluble. This means they are in the leaf structure and "removed" during steeping, ending up in your cup. Our organic teas are farmed and processed without the use of these chemicals, leading to a purer and better tasting cup.

Why loose leaf?

There is a laundry list of benefits to consuming loose-leaf tea over conventional bagged tea, chief among them the exceptional taste of whole leaf teas, the better brew, and less waste.

Most of the leaves in traditional tea bags are actually dust and fannings from broken tea leaves.  These smaller pieces of tea have a larger surface area than whole leaves, providing more opportunities for the essential oils that make tea flavorful and aromatic to evaporate. Loose-leaf tea also provides a more individual tea experience, allowing the consumer to control the strength of the tea to suit their preferences or to blend different varieties to truly create their own taste.

Tea leaves need room to expand for full flavor. Preparing loose-leaf tea with a tea ball, infuser, press, or sac allows space for the water to flow through the leaves and extract a wide range of flavors, aromas, vitamins and minerals. Save yourself the effort of dunking, swirling, and squeezing a traditional tea bag by letting the leaves expand and extract to their full potential.  

Consuming loose-leaf tea, especially when prepared with a reusable infuser or press, eliminates the need for individual wrappers, strings and staples, leading to significantly less waste than traditional bagged teas and a more sustainable tea drinking experience.  

Ready to Try?

Want to learn how to brew your perfect cup?  Head over to our tutorial page for step-by-step instructions for making the most of our organic loose-leaf tea offers. 

And check out our online store to explore all 26 varieties of organic tea that meet our standards for quality, sustainability, and deliciousness.