The Press-Pot, also referred to as French-Press, is a popular direct-infusion method of brewing that is straightforward to use and convenient for home use. Some things to focus on when using the press-pot method are (1) the amount of agitation used to saturate the grounds, (2) the bloom/ pre-infusion time, (3) the amount of force and pressure applied to the plunger (causing additional extraction of the grounds) and (4) total brew time. Groundwork carries press-pots by Bodum, an industry-leader and innovator for over 60 years.

Tools needed: press-pot, kettle, timer, scale.   

French Press Brew Guide

WATER                 COFFEE         PRE-INFUSION 

     370g                           24g                            50g

     715g                           46g                          100g

     900g                           58g                          120g

  1. Pre-heat the carafe and check to ensure the cleanliness of the filter screen, diffuser, and pressure plate on the plunger assembly.
  2. Empty the carafe and set aside to brew.
  3. Weigh out the correct amount of coffee and grind it on a press pot setting.
  4. Set a timer for 4:00 minutes. Pour 205°F water directly in the center of the grounds filling the carafe up 1/3 of the way. Start the timer as soon as you begin to pour the water. The coffee should expand and begin to bubble and foam. This is the beginning of the bloom/ pre-infusion stage
  5. Allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds. Gently pat the coffee down to ensure that all of the grounds are evenly saturated with water. This process should take no longer than a minute. After the bloom has subsided, add enough water to fill the carafe just below the spout. Gently stir the coffee to break up the “crust” that may have formed.
  6. Put the lid and plunger assembly on, placing the filter screen just below the surface of the slurry ensuring that the bloom and all grounds are submerged. When the timer sounds, carefully plunge the filter and decant the coffee to avoid over-extraction. There may be some resistance caused by the coffee off-gassing, forcing pressure towards the surface of the filter screen. Use caution and be sure to angle the spout away from yourself in case any hot liquid escapes due to the buildup in pressure from plunging the filter screen.