There are other recipes that involve inverting the AeroPress, using different steep times, varying methods of stirring, stirring multiple times during the brew, brewing a concentrated extraction then diluting it, and so forth. We encourage you to experiment and hope this recipe will help you achieve AeroPress excellence.

1. Prep the AeroPress by removing the plunger and filter cap from the chamber.

Rinse and pre-heat the filter and AeroPress with hot water. This will remove any papery flavors imparted by the filter and ensure that your coffee is not under-extracted. Once the filter is completely saturated with hot water, carefully dispose of the rinse water.

Prep the Manual Brew Aeropress Coffee

2. Weigh out the correct amount of coffee and grind it fine.
Coffee should be the consistency of granulated sugar.

Manual Brew Aeropress Coffee
3. Bring your water to a full rolling boil, or 210°F.
Let your water stand for about one minute before beginning to brew.
Manual Brew Aeropress Coffee
4. Start a timer and slowly pour water over the ground coffee, ensuring that all grounds are saturated.
Place the plunger on top to insulate the brew and steep for 1:30.

Manual Brew Aeropress Coffee
5. After 1:30, remove the plunger and stir the brew for five seconds.
6. Remove the AeroPress set-up from the scale, replace the plunger on the chamber, and slowly press down on the plunger to extract the coffee.
This process should take around 30 seconds.
7. Serve immediately and enjoy!
Manual Brew Aeropress Coffee