Congo: A country and coffee full of solutions

Congo: A country and coffee full of solutions
Jim N. Ngokwey from Mightypeacecoffee

The Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC or Congo for short, is Africa’s second largest country. Its rainforest, the
Congo Basin, is the world’s biggest carbon sink, absorbing more Co2 than the Amazon. (Source: World Bank).

The Congo Basin is referred to as the Lungs of Africa and global climate change efforts are often centered around preserving it. In addition to its important rainforest, Congo is also often referred to as a Geological Scandal because of its abundance of minerals such as diamonds, gold, cobalt and more. Cobalt is a critical resource for manufacturing batteries for electric cars and Congo will thus once again be part of the solution to fighting global warming by powering electric vehicles.

Climate change is affecting where coffee grows and some of the top coffee exporting countries are expecting a significant decrease in production in the coming years. Congo will be part of the solution as its production of specialty coffee is expected to increase in the coming years: its dual harvests, volcanic soil, hilly terrains and rainforest are key reasons why.

As a result, you can expect to see more Congolese coffee in cafes and roasteries across America in the coming years. Roasters like Groundwork that purchase Congolese coffee now are early adopters whose investment in the country's coffee sector is an investment in the future of the coffee industry.

Investing in Congolese coffee farmers today is a key step that ensures our collective ability to enjoy a great cup of coffee for decades to come.

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