National Coffee Day - More than just Farmers

National Coffee Day - More than just Farmers
In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29, we are showcasing our talented farmer partners and celebrating our wonderful customers. Starting today, the first 20 people who order our Dos Granjeras Colombian light roast will receive a complimentary notebook hand-made by the talented Maria Elena Manrique. 

Group photo of AMUCC and Jeff

Chief Coffee Guy Jeff met Maria Elena in 2019 when he was visiting AMUCC in El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia. AMUCC is a 100% women-owned farming association made up of resourceful women who diversify their incomes with their unique skills. Some farmers operate bakeries and roasters out of their kitchens and others make sustainable handcrafts. 

Yellow and green stationary made by farmers

“The most industrious of them, in terms of crafts, is Maria Elena,” Jeff says. Maria Elena makes fique fiber mochilas (small bags) and notebooks made of coca leaves, coffee leaves and cherries, and other fibers sourced from her farm. She offered Jeff these notebooks as a gift, so he bought all 20 in order to support her work and share her craft with others.  
Written by
Melina Devoney
Barista Blogger