Supernatural is back for Halloween!

Supernatural is back for Halloween!

Move over pumpkin spice, our Supernatural blend will have you under its spell this spooky season. 

This light roast blend of natural and anaerobic process coffees from Nicaragua and Ethiopia makes for a perfect Autumn treat. The coffee wizards at Finca Los Pinos concocted two different naturals plus an anaerobic that showcase the magic of Nicaraguan coffee. The final addition of another natural from Aricha, Ethiopia makes this brew absolutely bone-chilling. 

What sorcery goes into this eerily delicious brew? It’s regenerative farming, equitable trading practices, and fermentation techniques. 

Fermentation is a key step in coffee processing because it inevitably begins as soon as the coffee cherry is picked from the branch. Natural processing is common in regions like Ethiopia where water is scarce; farmers pick the cherries and dry the fruit fully intact on patios or raised beds. This allows the cherry to ferment around the bean and impart fruity flavors. In comparison, more common throughout many coffee regions is the washed process in which farmers immediately de-pulped the cherries to remove the fruit and then submerged them in water to wash off the remaining mucilage (a gluey, sweet layer around the bean). Fermentation of the mucilage occurs as the beans are submerged, which helps remove it. Finally, they dry the green coffee beans on raised beds or patios. Washed coffees usually have a more familiar coffee flavor that’s clean and bright, while naturals can be more fruity and sweet like candy, with a full body and heavy mouthfeel that linger on your tastebuds. Beware, as natural processing can impart enchanting wine-like characteristics. 

The Los Pinos anaerobic coffee adds even more of a fruity punch to the Supernatural. Anaerobic processing refers to the fermentation of coffee in an oxygen-free environment such as sealed tanks (or cauldrons). Fermentation is traditionally carried out aerobically, meaning that oxygen is present in the process, which allows the sugars in the coffee fruit and beans to ferment quickly. Anaerobic fermentation develops more complex, magical flavors because the lack of oxygen slows down the rate at which the microorganisms responsible for fermentation can break down sugars. Whole coffee cherries and washed beans can both be anaerobically fermented. By slowing down the fermentation to last many days, this deliberate development of flavors is paranormal. 

The irresistible taste of Supernatural will haunt you until your next cup at dawn – you just have to survive through the night. 

Written by
Melina Devoney
Barista Blogger