Interview with Li Hui Ting, our Limited Reserve 2022 Artist

Interview with Li Hui Ting, our Limited Reserve 2022 Artist
Have you seen our new Limited Reserve 2022? Unlike our past Limited Reserve launches, we wanted to showcase an amazing artist within Groundwork whose been designing everything at you see from us from head to toe.

Introducing: Li Hui Ting, our lead Graphic Designer

We got an exclusive interview with the artist behind our Holiday Limited Reserve: Julia Ortega Carballo. We got the behind the scenes on what inspires her, how art fuels her work, and the coffee behind it all.

You work a lot with mixed media. How did you get into that style of art and what is your favorite thing about it?
I actually started my creative career as a painter, but I took a long break from painting when I decided to go into graphic design. Recently, I felt like I needed to go back to tactile creations, so I started dabbling into different avenues like pottery, stamp-making, and back to painting. I enjoy it so much because I get to use my hands in comparison to designing on a computer. It’s just more satisfying and freeing in a sense!

Can you give a brief introduction about the artwork you created for this year's Holiday Limited Reserve?
For this project, I wanted to celebrate the carbon neutral aspects of Julia’s farm. It is such a big deal to support carbon neutral farming and I wanted that to be the focus of the packaging, which inspired me to create something more rustic and handmade. It definitely needed to be coffee-themed and festive since it's for Groundwork's Holiday launch. Carving the coffee plant and berries into a rubber pad and stamping it gives it a human-touched look, which was what I was aiming for.

What would you want people to feel when experiencing your artwork?
When someone receives this, I want them to feel festive and excited to support a good cause. I really hope that the packaging is attractive enough to receive attention and then lead to creating awareness on restoring our environment.

Are you a coffee drinker? What's your go-to drink?
Love/Need coffee. I have my coffee just regular drip, black. I love coffees that have richness and texture. I actually started drinking coffee when I was living in Vietnam and their coffees are insanely thick, which has definitely influenced my coffee preferences. My go-to signature blend is Joe’s Blend which you can get from Gelson’s (It’s exclusive!). My current fav is our Single Origin Uganda.

How does coffee play a role in your life as an artist?
I have to admit I do have a (healthy?) addiction to coffee since I start every day with a cup. Coffee is just a comforting routine for me and starts me off on the right track before I start working.
You can check out more about our Limited Reserve: Organic Mexico Julia Ortega Carballo here. And pick up a coffee for yourself online or in our cafes.