Together we're reducing food waste

Together we're reducing food waste

A Too Good To Go update  

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In August 2023, we at Groundwork launched Too Good To Go (TGTG) at our Rose and Traction locations. Now, all of our locations are participating in this food waste recovery effort by offering customers Surprise Bags with day-old pastries! 

So far, all Groundwork locations have diverted 2,060 meals from the trash. According to TGTG, this converts into an equivalent of 5.15 metric tons of CO2 saved from the atmosphere. 

A carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) is a unit of measurement of the magnitude of greenhouse gas emissions. Because there are many types of greenhouse gases, a CO2e is standardized to the effect that CO2 has on the atmosphere. 

Take a croissant for example: CO2e helps us measure the greenhouse gases emitted during the croissant’s lifecycle – from farming the wheat to handing it to a customer in a pastry bag. If that croissant isn’t bought by the end of the day, its environmental impact is amplified; not only because of the zero-net gain, as no one got to enjoy it, but also because trash emits a lot of pollution as it sits in a landfill. However, a savvy customer such as yourself can save a (still delicious!) day-old croissant from being trashed and significantly reduce its environmental impact.  

Thank you for working together with us at Groundwork Coffee in taking responsibility for our contribution to climate change.   

Now, go save some food waste and pick up a Surprise Bag of pastries at your nearest location!

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Written by

Melina Devoney

Barista & Blogger