10 Reasons Why Coffee Shops Should Be Your Go-to First Date Destination

10 Reasons Why Coffee Shops Should Be Your Go-to First Date Destination

We get it- first dates can be awkward. Luckily, coffee shops exist to not just supply you with your caffeine needs, but also to serve as a prime location to take our first date(s).

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we've put together a list of reasons why you should choose a coffee shop as your go-to first date destination.

    1. It’s affordable. 

      Financially smart. Who knows how many first dates you'll need to go on to find ~the one~. 

    2. A perfect start to another date.

      If your coffee shop date goes well, the options for continuing your date are endless! Lunch, movies, hike - doesn't matter! You'll be caffeinated and ready.

    3. Good vibes. 

      Leave it to your favorite coffee shop to set the right vibe. The music, the ambiance, it's there.

    4. Casual attire.

      No need to bring out the suit and tie or fancy dress for this date. No sir.

    5. Very convenient.

      We're willing to bet you have a coffee shop less than a mile from you.

    6. Food and drink options for everybody.

      The first date is usually when you find out your date's dietary needs. Coffee shops will almost always have options for everyone. (and cookies, everyone loves cookies.)

    7. Drinks are mobile!

      If you planned your date on a Saturday morning, your favorite spot might be a more busy than you might like. Meet at a cafe, grab your drinks to-go, and walk and chat instead.

    8. A safe meeting place.

      Stranger danger is a real thing. Your favorite coffee shop is a pretty safe option to meet up with someone for the first time. 

    9. Coffee shops aren't just for coffee drinkers

      Cafes are stocked with delicious tea, kombucha, flavored milk... whatever your date desires.

    10. Worse comes to worse, you got a nice beverage.

      Your date not ~the one~ ? You got a delicious drink out of it, nothing wrong with that. We wish you well on your first date adventures, friends! 

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 xoxo, Groundwork