Farmer Partner Feature: PROCOCER Soil Regeneration

Farmer Partner Feature: PROCOCER Soil Regeneration

Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, Prococer

Organic is at the forefront of all we do at Groundwork Coffee, from buying only Certified Organic coffees to roasting those same coffees using our industry-leading, solar-powered technology. As one of the first Certified Organic coffee roasters in Southern California, we've been pioneering organic, relationship-based, ecologically conscious coffee sourcing since the early '90s. A big part of our commitment to organic agriculture is ensuring we are supporting our farmer partners at origin. Enter Cooperativa multi-sectorial productores de café orgánico Las Segovias or PROCOCER for short. 

Coffee Tree in Nicaragua


Located in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, PROCOCER was founded in October 1999 by producers whose dream was to add value to their coffee and strengthen their economic capabilities. Currently, this Cooperative is composed of 662 producers, of which 194 are organic certified. Since 2018 we have worked with members of PROCOCER via paid social premiums to help increase their capacity to produce organic fertilizers and subsequently improve the productivity of farms and the quality of their coffee. This was done via the modernization of the cooperatives fertilizer plant (new mixer, tractor, and forage harvester), distribution of organic fertilizing materials and technical assistance visits, and educational opportunities for farmers focused on production, organic certification, and environmental issues facing the coffee industry. 

Coffee Plant in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, Prococer


Additionally, We also helped with the construction of ten raised solar drying beds with a capacity to process nearly 8,000 Kg of coffee parchment per day. This investment in people led to extraordinary results. The coffee from PROCOCER has gotten exponentially better since our partnership started five years ago, proving our theory that a commitment to organic produces superior coffee. If you don't believe us try it for yourself! This coffee is a key component in our signature blends, including Lucky Jack and Bitches Brew. Additionally, it is available as an exclusive single-origin at Gelson's market.