Holiday Blend: Warm Wishes

Holiday Blend: Warm Wishes

It's the holiday season, so that means it's time to cuddle up with your favorite sweater, a good book, and of course a delicious hot cup of coffee. Warm Wishes, our latest seasonal select offering and annual holiday blend is as perfect for a cozy morning on the couch as it is a classic LA winter break hike. Featuring Notes of Dark Chocolate and Cranberry with a juicy body and sweet lingering aftertaste, this melange of light and dark roasts is the perfect gift for both coffee aficionados and novices alike. Let that special someone know how much they mean to you with Warm Wishes.

Warm Wishes is a melange of light and dark roasts, specifically Ethiopia Washed (Light), Natural Blender (a light pre roast blend of out natural and anaerobic Nics), Sumatra (Medium), and our Las Flores de Oaxaca Mexico but roasted Dark!

Origin Information: 

 Ethiopia Sidamo Washed 

Sidamo coffees are known for their very sweet, floral, and citric notes! Not only is the Sidamo region the largest coffee growing region in Ethiopia but its also one of the most diverse when it comes to coffee varietals. Coffee growers in the Sidamo grow multitudes of unique varieties in their coffee gardens. That why Sidamo varieties are often labeled as mixed heirloom: a cocktail of varieties still unknown. More blends! YAY.

Sumatra Gayo Gold

The Gayo Highlands are one of our favorite coffee-growing regions, located in the northern tip of Sumatra. Although coffee from Indonesia is often associated with earthy qualities, we love our Gayo Gold for its aromas of plum and cedar that give way to a smooth acidity and velvety mouth-feel.

Mexico Las Flores de Oaxaca

In March of 2020, just prior to the Shelter-at- Home order due to COVID-19, Groundwork was on a fact finding tour of Oaxaca – and the communities producing our coffees specifically. This Regional blend of coffees from Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón and San Pedro Ayacaxtepec (two of the groups we were lucky enough to meet with) is a direct payoff of that trip. Unique to Groundwork, this regional blend of oaxacan coffee combines the efforts of two incredibly talented groups of indiginous coffee farmers resulting in a smooth cup full of sweet black cherry and milk chocolate.

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