Spotlight: Ethiopia Heirloom

Spotlight: Ethiopia Heirloom

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Believed by many to be one of the most important coffee-growing regions worldwide, Our Ethiopia Heirloom is our ode to all things floral and bright.

Washed coffee in Ethiopia

Often times roasters focus on just one processing method when sourcing single-origin offerings. These options until more recently came down to either Washed or Natural processed coffees. Washed coffees are known for their articulate acidity and complex notes, while natural coffees are famous for fruit-forward or “jammy” profiles. We took the road less traveled and decided to showcase both.

Coffee farmers in Ethiopia picking coffee

Working with our farmer and importer partners we purchase and roast Natural and Washed lots independently, subsequently blending them together. By doing so we’re able to highlight not only the best of Ethiopia but the best of both processing methods. Clean, sweet, and articulate with deep fruit notes and a silky texture, our Ethiopia Heirloom is perfect for those who clamor for that Ethiopian coffee year-round.