The Spookiest Coffees you can find this Halloween 🎃

The Spookiest Coffees you can find this Halloween 🎃

"Your beverage will be ready shortly,” Jennifer beeps eerily as the sound of steaming liquid screeches through the air.

Moments later, they begin to glide toward the crowd, and out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of the beverage they’re holding: a white paper cup filled to the brim with bright red liquid, blackening as it drips down the sides, and a long finger curled over the edge."

Rise of the RoBarista By Arielle Rebekah

Boo! Halloween is near us and it calls for the spookiest beverages to help you get in the Halloween spirit. If you're in for the ultimate Halloween treat, these sensational blends are the perfect Halloween potion.

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We hope you enjoy this list of our spookiest coffees, and make sure you grab them before they're gone! *poof*

Our Spooky #1 Blend

Witches Brew
Witches Brew

A spooky variation of our most popular blend. Our Bitches Brew blend is incredibly dark and unique with subtle notes of smokiness. 

12oz organic supernatural light roast
Seasonal Select: Supernatural

Scary Good Coffee

Frightfully sweet with a mystical, almost otherworldly complexity, our Fall Seasonal Select is an ode to all things Halloween. A blend of three different natural processed coffees from Central America and Africa and a scary good anaerobic from Nicaragua make for a perfect Autumn treat.

12oz Organic Signature Black Magic medium roast

Signature Blend: Black Magic

Signature Espresso

A classic Italian espresso with a supernatural kick; notes of dark chocolate and red berry. We’ve roasted our Black Magic espresso to focus on sweetness, developing a thick, rich crema with bright berry flavors and a touch of chocolate. Saluti!


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