Single Origin

Mexico: Oaxaca - La Cañada

Named after a canyon that was a major Pre-Columbian trade route, the Cañada region of Oaxaca,...

Single Origin - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea: Iwaki

Cocoa Nibs, Dry Spice, and Tart Cherry

organic tea

Ruby Oolong

Cocoa Nibs, Dried Cherry, and Raisin

organic tea


Sweet and fresh with notes of grassiness

organic tea


Earthy with hints of cocoa nibs

organic tea


Refreshing, Cool Mint


Groundwork Glass KeepCup

The Groundwork KeepCup is a staff favorite, made from tempered glass and recycled cork which...

organic tea

Earl Grey Green

Floral & Citrusy


Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

The Hario V60 brewer is elegant, compact, and produces a bright, clean brew. Designed for...


T-Sac Tea Filters

From Chamomile to Earl Grey, T-Sac disposable tea filters are an easy and convenient way...

organic tea

Yerba Mate

Herbal with hints of honey and eucalyptus


Ocha Pack Tea Strainers

Ocha Tea Strainers are the simplest method for brewing your favorite loose leaf Groundwork teas....

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