Starter Hario Cold Brew Bundle

This bundle includes the basic tools to start making delicious cold brew from the comfort of your...


V60 Starter Kit

The Hario V60 brewer is elegant, compact, and produces a bright, clean brew. Designed for...


V60 Pro Bundle

Elevate your at-home pour-over experience with our V60 Pro bundle. With all the tools you...


6 Month Gift with BONUS Bitches Brew Tumbler

The 6 Month Gift subscription can be tailored to any preference, making it a great...


3 Month Gift with BONUS Diner Mug

Our 3 Month Gift subscription has a variety of options to choose from making it...


Chemex Brewer

Coffee purists appreciate the classic styling of this carafe with wood collar and tie. The...


Hario Buono Kettle

Shaped like a beehive, this stylish stainless steel kettle is perfect for pour-over brewing. With...


Hario Range Server

The Hario V60 Range Server is made with heat-resistant glass and is designed to fit...


Teaze Tea Infuser

This innovative teapot takes all the hassle out of brewing loose leaf tea by dispensing...


Groundwork Diner Mug

Enjoy your favorite Groundwork Signature Blends and single origins the way we do — in...


Bitches Brew Tumbler

This limited edition 20oz tumbler is the perfect vessel for the bold and rich Bitches...


Angel City Tote Bag

This collapsable tote bag is illustrated with the bold flavors that make up our signature...

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