Greatest Gift: Tea - 3 Months

Be the best friend, family member, or coworker by giving a subscription to a pal. You choose the length of time for the gift, and we’ll make sure they love each Groundwork delivery.

First, are they a coffee person?

How do they need their coffee beans?

Cool. What is their preferred roast level? If you choose Trust Us, our roasters will send them whatever is the most fresh.


Nice! What’s your ideal frequency?

Great! We’re so excited to share our specialty teas with them each month. How many boxes of tea would you like them to receive with each shipment?

We’re excited for them to try a variety of Groundwork favorites. How many bags of coffee would you like them to receive each month?

How long do you want the gift to last?

They're going to love this! Now, let’s review.

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