Coffee to Couture with Max Alexander

Coffee to Couture with Max Alexander

Clocking in at just 7 years old, Max Alexander is a self-taught fashion designer and sewing prodigy; he’s been threading needles and winding his way around bolts of fabric since he was 4! 

Max lying on a stack of coffee sacks in the Groundwork warehouse

Another creative pursuit in Max’s toolbox is making his mom a great cup of coffee. He absolutely loves the smell of it, and yes, he likes to sneak a sip of decaf. 

As luck would have it, Max and his family are friends with the folks at our roastery, so on a sunny California day last November, an idea came together: We dropped off Groundwork’s used burlap coffee bags at Max’s house, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Max with model wearing his dress made from coffee burlap sacks

Watch Max work his magic as he sews the burlap sacks into a stunning dress here and here!

Model swinging the coffee sack dress skirt

Video. Sherri Madison
Photog. Ronnie Kibler
Model. Lindsay Johnson 
Location. Groundwork N. Hollywood Roastery