Meet the Artist Behind our Limited Reserve: Sonia Romero

Meet the Artist Behind our Limited Reserve: Sonia Romero

As part of this project we had the privilege of being able to do a studio visit with Sonia at her Echo Park Home. 

What was the inspiration behind the different elements of this piece?
This artwork is part of my Southern California Bougainvillea series,  which is heavily intertwined with the culture and landscape of Los Angeles. When I was younger I used to collect vintage labels from the flea market, so you’ll see a vintage aesthetic influence in there as well. 

Community is an important value to us at Groundwork. What does community mean to you and your work? What communities do you feel you’re a part of and how have they shaped you?
I grew up in Echo Park. My father comes from Boyle Heights and my mother was born on the Westside. I was raised surrounded by the Latinx/Chicano art community which has influenced and shaped my artistic journey.

What do you want people to feel when experiencing your art?
I have created site specific public art in many Los Angeles neighborhoods. When people see my artwork, I want them to feel that they are grounded in local community and that they have a place to belong.

Are you a coffee drinker? How does coffee play a role in your life as an artist?
I make a pour over coffee every morning and don’t get in the way of my daily ritual! I can’t wait to try the coffee from Julia Ortega Carballo.

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