Single Origin

Limited Reserve - Finca Rumania

If you enjoyed last years El Salvador Finca Hungaria, you’ll love Finca Rumania. Hailing from...

Single Origin

Seasonal Select: Peru El Palto

This natural processed coffee comes from Utcubamba, one of the seven provinces in the Amazonas...

Single Origin - Rwanda

Kotwibakabo Fair Trade

Peach, Jasmine, and Grapefruit

Single Origin - Colombia

AMUCC Fair Trade

Tangerine, Green Apple, and Milk Chocolate

Single Origin

Gabe Kennedy's Signature Blend

Citrus, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Fruit

Single Origin - Ethiopia

Heirloom Blend

Milk Chocolate, Dark Fruit, and Citrus

Single Origin - Papua New Guinea

Wau Estate - Monpi Sustainable Services

Cocoa Nibs, Dry Spice, and Tart Cherry

Single Origin - Peru


Chocolate, Red Fruit, Fennel

Single Origin - Rainforest Alliance Certified

Bugisu Sipi Falls Project

Brown Sugar, Dark Fruit, and Cola

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cup of coffee with foam leaf design sitting on counter