Single Origin

Dos Granjeras (Special 6oz package)

Every year, we source incredible coffees from a 100% women-owned farming coop in Colombia, but...

Single Origin

Finca Picorana (Special 6oz package)

Choosing organic affects much more than what you put in your own body. By ethically...

Single Origin

Brazil: Fazendas Dutra

This Earthy Brazil has a syrupy creamy body and complex finish. Passed down through generations,...

Single Origin - Colombia

Colombia: AMUCC Fair Trade

Tangerine, Green Apple, and Milk Chocolate

Single Origin - Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Heirloom Blend

Milk Chocolate, Dark Fruit, and Citrus

Single Origin

Seasonal Select: Ethiopia-Washed Shimekit

Our spring Seasonal Select hails from from Shimekit Daba’s large 120-hectare coffee farm in Wolemso, in...

Single Origin

Gabe Kennedy's Signature Blend

Citrus, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Fruit

Single Origin

Mexico: Oaxaxa - La Cañada

In the cup: brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate, tamarind This harvest, we were lucky and happy...

Single Origin - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea: Wau Estate

Cocoa Nibs, Dry Spice, and Tart Cherry

Single Origin - Peru


Chocolate, Red Fruit, Fennel

Single Origin - Rwanda

Rwanda: Kotwibakabo Fair Trade

Peach, Jasmine, and Grapefruit

Single Origin - Rainforest Alliance Certified

Uganda: Bugisu Sipi Falls Project

Brown Sugar, Dark Fruit, and Cola

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